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Participation & Sustainable Development in Europe

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Level of participation:
Joint decision

Time required overall:
long-term process

Number of participants:

“The benefit of Community Organizing is that people grow into the habit of deliberating and acting together, become more aware of themselves and their powers as they meet new challenges and – in the best case – not only achieve successes but also enjoy themselves.”


Ulrike Schumacher, Dresden


Training institutions, schools, supporting organisations

>> Chicago Freedom School

>> Midwest Academy (Chicago)

>> Deutsches Institut für Community Organizing (Berlin)



>> Bobo, K./ Kendall, J./ Max, S. (2001): Organizing for Social Change. Midwest Academy Manual for activists, Seven Locks Press, Santa Ana/ Minneapolis/ Washington D.C.

>> Szakos, K. L./ Szakos, J. (2007): We make change. Community Organizers talk about what they do – and why, Vanderbilt University Press, Nashville.