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Participation & Sustainable Development in Europe

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The website

The site provides basic information about participation and sustainable development, introduces related issues such as environmental mediation, refers to interesting case histories of successful participation processes, includes a survey of specialized literature and gives details of forthcoming events – and that’s not all. It originated as an information platform set up in the aftermath of the First Symposium on Environmental Mediation in 2001, with the main focus on environmental mediation. Since then it has been developed and expanded into a central information facility for the issue of participation and sustainable development in Europe.


Strategic responsibility for the website's content is in the hands of two experts, who have long been concerned with questions linked to the issue of participation:

Mag.a Eva Mastny

E: eva.mastny(at)
T: +43-1-51522/1213

The website was originally set up on Rita Trattnigg’s initiative in 2001. Rita Trattnigg works in the Austrian Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism. Martina Handler

E: Martina.handler(at)
T: +43.1.315 63 93-21
F: +43.1.315 63 93-22

Martina Handler has a degree in political science and is a mediator; she is in charge of the field of participation at ÖGUT. She works on public participation in theory and practice, cooperative conflict resolution and sustainable development.

The website is kept up to date and managed by Martina Handler, Astrid Reinprecht and Petra Blauensteiner. Abaton is responsible for technical implementation.