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Participation & Sustainable Development in Europe

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Several handbooks and guidelines on public participation have been published in the past years. These handbooks offer hand-on tools to implement public participation activities in the different fields and sectors. A small collection of handbooks and guidelines can be found below:

People & Participation. How to put citizens at the heart of decision-making

Publisher: INVOLVE, 2011
Pages: 61

This guidance sets out how to plan for participation and choose appropriate participation methods, providing practical detail, and drawing on the experiences of many practitioners.

Download on the website

Support for learning and development for public involvement in research

Publisher: INVOLVE, 2013
Pages 16

This document reports on a workshop on learning and development for public involvement in research.

Download on the website

Guidance on public participation in relation to the EU Water Framework Directive: Active involvement, Consultation, and Public access to information.

Editor Pierre Maurel
Publisher: HarmoniCOP, 2013
Pages 94

Download on the website

Learning together to manage together – improving participation in water management

Editors:  D. Ridder; E. Mostert; H.A. Wolters
Publisher: University of Osnabrück, Germany
Pages: 155

The handbook presents innovative support for the follow up of social learning in participatory processes of water management. Additionally to the English version of the handbook you can also find translations to download in Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian.

Download on the website

Public Participation in Making Local Environmental Decisions: The Aarhus Convention. Good Practice Handbook

Publisher: Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, 2000
Pages 75

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