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Participation & Sustainable Development in Europe

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The previous pages provided a brief introduction to the subject of Local Agenda 21. Below we list various interesting links to sites where the subject is treated in greater depth:


  • Website on sustainability in Austria - the internet portal on sustainability in Austria surveys LA21 in Austria: historical development, background, examples from all parts of the country (LA21 process of the month!) etc.
  • Website – this website provides access to a large project database on Agenda 21 processes in Germany
  • Website of the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development – extensive information about sustainable development at the international level, particularly ample documentation on international conferences such as Rio de Janeiro 1992, Johannesburg 2002 etc.
  • Website by ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability - extensive information about sustainable development at the local level

LA21 website for one of the Austrian provinces:


  • Vorarlberg: website “Unternehmen V” – (enterprise V) internet platform for sustainable development in Vorarlberg (in German, summary in English)